Acmelabs, llc

Drew Dedo and Jim Lowry created Acmelabs, LLC, to augment the work done every day at Harbor Entertainment, a full service production company. 

Drew Dedo brings over a decade of customer experience design, and a strong understanding of what clients need from an effects company. He has been on both sides of the event production scene. Through Harbor Entertainment, he has produced events ranging from very small to over fifty thousand attendees.

Jim Lowry is an engineer with over 75 patents. He’s a creative problem solver with thirty plus years of building innovative solutions for all manner of corporations. Jim has invented some household items that you likely use on a regular basis.

Together, they created Frogger so that the events they produce would have the best effects possible. It has been such a successful effect that it was used in the two most recent Super Bowl Halftime Shows.

Frogger is designed from necessity, made in the USA, and built to last.

Drew Dedo

Jim Lowry